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I was working a morning shift at a small-town Kansas library I’d been employed at since the previous November.

I didn’t know it then, but it was one of the last days the library would remain open before shutting down for several months due to precautions brought on by the Pandemic.

More than the day itself, I remember the feeling that lingered in the air.

It was Wednesday, March 11th, two days before the U.S. would declare a National Emergency.

There was a tense energy buzzing around. I could feel it radiating off the patrons that hesitantly yet hurriedly made…

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Being a content writer, I’ve spent my fair share of hours scouring the internet (and beyond) for interesting, credible information.

So, the other day when I was asked to provide some “tips and tricks” to students tasked with writing their first research paper, I started brainstorming...

What do I wish someone would have told me when I was gathering information for my first research paper?

Well, probably that as useful as the Internet is, the thousands of articles, essays, opinions, etc. one receives in response to a single question can be a bit overwhelming. …

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Strangers tend to want to talk to me a lot.

My sister once told me it must have something to do with my face.

She said it looks welcoming.

I don’t know about all that, but what I do know is that many of my conversations with strangers usually only last a short while before they realize I’m socially awkward.

Over the years, I’ve witnessed countless people coming to this realization about me time and time again.

Truthfully, it’s become rather amusing.

At first they’re always so hopeful with wide grins and quick-witted tongues — believing they’ve struck up a…

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Preparing for a weekend away of camping, I was packing the usual odds, ends, and supplies that often make the cut; my sleeping bag, a tent, a sleeping pad, a hammock, a lighter, my hygiene kit, a headlamp, enough food to assemble campfire ‘Hobo dinners’ and of course, chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers for S’mores.

As I closed the lid to our cooler, synched the final drawstring on my trusty backpack and began hauling both out to the car, I thought I was all set for a weekend away at Wilson State Park — a place that boasts to be…

Social Media icons (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) on iPhone Screen
Social Media icons (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) on iPhone Screen
Social Media Apps

I’ve recently taken a step back from social media.

A bit of a “social media detox,” if you will.

I signed out of my Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat accounts, turned off my push notifications, and did an “app-clearing” session of many of the non-necessities on my phone.

I’ve taken a social media detox before, and what made me want to do so again was:

1. To take a step away from all the negativity.

2. To re-center my time on the things I value.

3. To invest my energy in more creative and productive ways.

My creative-focused inspiration could also…

Katie Licavoli

Freelance Writer and Outdoor Enthusiast specializing in content, stories, and insights focused around living the Good Life spent enjoying The Great Outdoors.

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